Holly creates pieces of art that endlessly make people stop and ask where I found such amazing jewelry. A friend literally saw my necklace across Market Street, but did not see me! I consider spitfire my personal jeweler! Holly always has perfect pieces for “me”! Amazing jewelry which is very personal! A good addiction to have!

~D Asay -Narberth

Dear Holly,

You are amazing!   Just picked up out mail and I’m “over-the-moon” in love with your designs and jewelry.  I love the “Beach Babe” that you made custom for me.  Next time I get all “decked out” I’ll send you a photo.  Thank you again!  The color combos are perfect, the earrings are great!  I almost always wear black so this totally works!  Thank you!!

Jane G.- Upper Gwynedd, PA.

Holly, After looking at my jewelry closet and realizing I have over 30 incredible Spitfire pieces I felt it was time to relay their meaning to you. I met you over a year ago at the Clover Market and was immediately drawn towards your innate giftedness as a jewelry designer. I have been a lover of jewelry my entire life and own many artisan pieces. However, something about the character, flow, and beauty of your pieces was different. Clearly they were made with high quality materials and love, but there was more. I have said from the beginning that your pieces heal the soul while making the wearer feel very special and beautiful. Most of my Spitfire pieces are necklaces and everyone of them carries a story. Whatever mood I am in, however I choose to dress, one of your pieces compliments my spirit. The other thing I think you should know is all the compliments I receive when I wear your pieces. People will come right up to me and admire my jewelry and ask who the designer is. I have proudly given out many many of your cards. I felt it was time for me to express my gratitude to you as a friend, visionary, and a impeccable jewelry designer. I look forward to seeing what incredible creations will be forthcoming in the future. It is intoxicatingly exciting to preview all your new work, and know that many of the pieces will go home with me.

Carol Yudis– Main Line, PA

I am lucky enough to have several Spitfire Designs necklaces, and literally every time I wear one, at least one person stops me to comment on my gorgeous jewelry.  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful….

Mary F, Philadelphia

CANNOT WAIT for your holiday party!  I have forwarded your email invitation to a select group of friends with my ranting about how beautiful your eye is for creating beautiful pieces!

Barbara D., Media, PA

I just visited your website. I must admit that you have presented me with a bit of a problem. How do I tell this young lady what I saw there without “gushing” like a cable TV interviewer at a Hollywood premiere? Suffice it to say that it is possible to find any number of hacks at any jewelry show in the country who slap some odd pieces of so-so craft together, make a few curly-cues in shiny wire and call it not only jewelry, but ART!

It is incredibly refreshing to come across work by a truly talented spirit. Your designs have style, flair, composition, presence and a singular vision that is both intimate and impressive at the same time. It is quite obvious that you have a discerning eye, and that you give real thought and a part of yourself to the concept and the name of each of your creations. Truly, I am sincerely impressed with what you’ve put together. There is no doubt in my mind that you are embarked upon a fine and successful career. I think your idea of stressing the unique approach is a real winner – one which appeals to the “princess” hidden deep within every woman. Because there is such a talent in you and your designs, I can foresee a time very soon where your growing popularity will foster not only great leaps in work, but also a serious challenge to your creative intellect. You are good enough to become extremely popular in a hurry. It will be a great ride, I’m sure.

Stephen, ZINMAN FURS, Wayne, PA.

I met Holly at a home show in my neighborhood and have kept in touch ever since. Holly’s pieces are unique- I always get compliments when I wear them. It’s an easy way to polish or finish an outfit by adding one of her creations- Holly is a pleasure to work with. I recommend Holly if you are interested in affordable luxury.
Teresa O of Rose Valley, PA

All of the jewelry that the Spitfire has made for me is special. However, my favorite piece is the silver, ‘Rock Star’ leaf. I can wear it with just about anything. Everytime I wear it I always get compliments. Wearing her jewelry is a guaranteed conversation starter. The fact that it is a real leaf makes it unique, I love that no one else will ever have the same one.
It was the first of quite a few purchases and won’t be the last. What woman is complete without the perfect jewelry? The Spitfire is my go-to gal for whenever I need something special to complete an outfit. The Spitfire never disappoints with her original ideas and beautiful pieces.
Lisa Salmon of NJ

I love Spitfire Designs Jewelry. I receive nothing but compliments when I wear it. Holly made this Abilone White Crystal necklace with the clasp in the front. It is a knock out. It’s just so gorgeous. I also have the Zimbabwe Red Bracelet made of Coral, which I love. I have the earrings that match the bracelet too! I enjoy wearing several of my pieces by Spitfire Designs and I always want to buy more.
Dr. Janis Bell, Ohio

I adore every piece of jewelry I’ve ever bought from Spitfire Designs! Each one is completely unique, and you know you don’t have to worry about seeing the same designs all over the stores or walking into a room where another woman is wearing your necklace. Each design is gorgeous and versatile, perfect for adding personality to the most boring outfit. I’ve relied on my pieces many times – if I’m feeling blah or like nothing looks right, instead of changing my clothes I just put on a bracelet and I’m good to go! And I check the website regularly – there are new designs available almost every day. I don’t even buy jewelry in stores anymore. The uniqueness and versatility of the pieces I have, and the pieces I want, are all I need.
Colleen Kelley of Media, PA

“Ladies, I have been buying Holly’s jewelry for almost a decade. There is not a week that goes by that I don’t wear one or several pieces. Holly has unique, one of a kind pieces that you just have to see. One of my favorite pieces is a brown smooth stone necklace and earring set. I lost one of the earrings several years after I bought it. I called Holly and she searched and found the stones and made me new earrings. That is just one of the ways that Holly goes out of her way to make sure her customers are happy. These pieces are special, as is Holly.”
Susan Smith, RDH

I am a jewelry designer and Holly’s jewelry is so creative and beautiful that I often buy necklaces and earrings from her. She picks the finest stones and her designs are really unique. Her creativity is mind-boggling!
Elizabeth Matthews, Pulsatilla Designs

“I love Holly’s jewelry, especially her necklaces – beautiful and affordable. Each piece is so unique and I just love knowing that I’m wearing a one-of-a-kind piece. Her clasps are amazing too – makes you want to wear them right up front.”
Lori H- Glen Mills, PA

Holly Thomas’ Spitfire Designs is the best! Far better than anything I could ever find in a store, each piece is unique, colorful and of high quality.
I was never much of a jewelry person until I met Holly and now I have many, many of her pieces. I receive compliments every time I wear something of hers and lots of my friends have become Spitfire fans as well.
The best news of all is that Spitfire Design jewelry is well-priced and definitely will not break the bank!
Pat Tiehel of Ridley Park, PA

If you haven’t been invited to a Holly Thomas event, you’re missing a real treat! Seeing her gorgeous collection of custom-made jewelry at a private showing is the best way to shop and to have the opportunity to try on a piece and have her tell you about it. I’ve purchased several pairs of earrings and several necklaces and bracelets at Holly’s private showings to give as gifts, some to keep. Every time I wear a piece of her jewelry, I get compliments and people want to know where they can purchase her jewelry. What I love about Holly’s pieces besides they’re unique and creative and stunning but the clasps are truly beautiful, each one a bit different, and easy to put on (I have a difficult time working those tiny clasps on some of my necklaces and bracelets so I don’t wear them much).
Many of Holly’s pieces that I’ve purchased as gifts have ended up in my own collection. In fact, I have a piece of Holly’s waiting to be sent as a gift, after I take it for a test drive to see reactions. Take a look at her green amethyst with silver earrings and necklace “stunning.”
Susan of Swarthmore, PA

“I bought “The Prescription” necklace from Holly at a silent auction fund raiser. When I saw it, I just knew I had to have it! It is the most beautiful, unique and sophisticated necklace I have ever seen. I get tons of compliments every time I wear it. I have since bought several earrings too and absolutely love them for their quality and beauty!”
Barbara G. of Paoli, PA

I have been wearing jewelry by Spitfire Designs for several years now and continue to get compliments every time I adorn myself in one of its many unique creations. Necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets–I’ve got them all! Maybe I’m biased because I’ve known the Spitfire herself, Holly Thomas, since the age of 13, but I’d like to think I know quality when I see it. Her jewelry is eye-catchingly unique with great care put into every piece, right down to the beautiful clasp and the memorable name to go along with it (one of my favorite pieces is a hippie chic necklace called “The Rover”, so named in honor of a rockin’ Led Zeppelin tune). The necklace itself is as awesome as the name! It is for this reason, along with the imagination and passion that are reflected in each and every stunning piece, that I will be wearing (and buying for my relatives and friends)Spitfire Designs’ jewelry for many years to come.
Tricia Tiehel of Swarthmore, PA

I have owned Bunny Hare’s in Newtown Square since 2004 and I brought in Spitfire Designs Jewelry pretty much right away. I love her jewelry because it’s unique and one of a kind. My customers have come to love it to and ask specifically to see Holly’s new pieces. Her earrings are always a huge hit. She will adjust or lengthen a necklace or bracelet if there is a problem with the size. She has also made earrings to match something a customer has in a necklace that is from another line. I like that I can ask that of her. She is easy to work with and really good at what she does.
Ann Marie Hare
Bunny Hare’s in Newtown Square, PA

I met Holly at an e-Women’s event in Philly and loved her jewelry instantly.
Holly is a sweetheart and you can tell she really enjoys what she does.
I picked up a fantastic necklace, bracelet & earring set. It is very unique (1 of a kind).
And every time I wear it, my friends love it and strangers actually stop me and ask me where I got it.
I pull out a card and tell them to call Holly, immediately!
Thanks Holly!
Susan Berman of NJ

“What I like best about my pieces from Spitfire Designs is that each is unique and can complement multiple outfits. The beautiful handmade glass beads are artwork within artwork and unlike anything you could find in most retail stores. I always get compliments whenever I wear my Celtic beaded silver necklace (The Silver Celt). In fact, one of my co-workers loved it so much she immediately went on the Spitfire website to try to find a necklace just like it.”
Katy S New York City

To the Spitfire:
I absolutely LOVE the earrings you made. As a teacher, they are perfect for dressing up a casual outfit worn to school, and they are so elegant I find myself wearing them out with an evening type of dress-up outfit too! Christmas is coming, so it’s almost time to buy myself another “gift!” Keep up the good work and I just love your designs.
Nancy Dickinson Ceclilio of New Jersey

I have so much fun wearing my Spitfire Designs Jewelry. I always receive many compliments with each piece I wear. Many of the crystals reflect the color I am wearing, making it look like each piece was made specifically to match my attire. Couldn’t be happier with all of the many pieces I have bought.
Nancy H. from Delaware County, PA

Spitfire Designs provides an easy-to-use, web-based purchasing experience with unparalleled customer service provided by the actual designer. The jewelry is unique, artfully conceived, and dramatically executed. The first time I encountered the site, I found more pieces I wanted to purchase than I had occasions to give gifts, but that’s what is so wonderful – you can keep going back, again and again, and always be excited by what you find! My wife was absolutely thrilled with the selections I made, and I look forward to keeping her so with many future purchases.
Will S. of Moorestown, NJ

I have worked with Holly Thomas of Spitfire Designs for the past five years. Holly adds her personality to each piece she creates, which adds to the beauty and uniqueness of her jewelry. The quality is superb and I do not hesitate to recommend Spitfire Designs to anyone. Our firm has invited Holly to our client events and the clients always ask if Holly will be there, as they also appreciate the unique and beautiful items she creates. Holly is dedicated to her craft and it shows in every piece she designs.
Beth Boyer
Drinker Biddle & Reath

The one of many aspects I love about Holly’s jewelry is that it can compliment any part of my wardrobe. From a simple white tank top to a gorgeous dress! Her work is original, made with passion and truly one of a kind. I also receive so many compliments on her jewelry that I keep HER business cards in my wallet to make sure other people can enjoy their own Spitfire Design. For that unique girl that loves a little something different, Spitfire Designs and Holly is the only place I go to get that special piece of jewelry!
Lisa Hause of Austin, TX